Web Copy That Attracts Ideal Clients

Luanna Rodham
September 1, 2009 — 1,382 views  
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Is it possible to attract an ideal client just by web copy? We all know that a website needs to be easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye, but how does copywriting on a web page help you find an ideal client?

Copywriting on a website is another marketing tool - a very important tool that not all website owners pay attention to. Good web copy can not only help you maintain older clients but it can help new clients find you.

Copy on a website can definitely help attract clients. Stephanie Chandler, entrepreneur expert, says, "Connect with the web site visitor fast. You have just 3 seconds to catch a web site visitor's attention, so each and every word counts." How the copy is set on the page matters also. Stephanie continues, "If you want your web pages to work for you, then make sure you have plenty of sub-headings and bullets to break up the text and describe benefits (why your product/service is going to help the reader)."

It is important to create credibility with a potential client. Stephanie suggests doing this by including testimonials in the web copy. This brings up another question in regard to copy on a website--how do you know why people are buying specifically from you?

Lesley Morrissey, writing for the web expert, answers this question. "You should be quite sure why people buy you and your services. If you're not sure ask some of your existing or previous clients 'What is it about my services that made you want to work with/buy from me?' Be prepared to be surprised - it's not always what you were expecting! Once you know why they buy, you can be fairly sure that this will appeal to other potential clients. So, use this information to create your headline. Oh yes - as an added bonus - asking your clients for this information should also get you some really good testimonials!"

Web copy can also help your site come up higher in search engines. Allan Katz, loyalty and copywriting expert, recommends, "If you want to rank higher in the search engines, write carefully crafted copy that not only entices the reader to take action, but is also search engine friendly. Meaning, when qualified prospects search the internet, your site pops up as being relevant to what they are looking for. When they get to your site, your copy answers their question or solves their problem. If not, they will leave faster than it takes to click a mouse."

In no way underestimate the power of good web copy. As one last reminder Stephanie Chandler urges, "Never, ever forget a call to action. Do you want visitors to sign up for your mailing list? Call for more information? Make a purchase? Ask and ye shall receive!"

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