Pre-Selling In Affiliate Marketing

Peter Garant
August 5, 2009 — 1,450 views  
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There are many entrepreneurs today who are earning thousands of dollars each month. They have found financial freedom. And when asked what they exactly do with their online business, their answer is affiliate marketing. But what makes many entrepreneurs successful in affiliate marketing? Entrepreneurs are successful in affiliate marketing because they were able to convert the visits of Internet users into sales.

How is it possible for affiliates to easily convince visitors to purchase their products? The answer lies in pre-selling. The big secret in affiliate marketing success is an effective pre-selling. Pre-selling happens when the visitor is already willing to purchase the product even before he clicks the banner that will link him to the merchant’s website.

In pre-selling, the target customer is already convinced of the importance of a certain product. And by the time the target customer arrives in the merchant’s website, he will immediately proceed to the order form page. Thus, the affiliate gets a high conversion of visits into sales. But how will an affiliate conduct an effective pre-selling?

First, the affiliate must realize that having banners alone is not reliable. Some visitors may click on such banners and the affiliate may be paid by the merchant in a pay-per-click compensation scheme. But the earnings from such a set-up will be meager. With banners only, the affiliate will be struggling just to earn a few dollars. Therefore, the affiliate must have more in his website other than banners.

This leads to the second thing that an affiliate must realize and do something about. The affiliate must realize that he must have good content in his website. Such good content must be two things. First, it should make the affiliate’s website land high on the list of search engines. This is putting the website in the path of target clients. And second, the good content should entice the client of the importance of a certain product or range of products.

The content, however, should not do hard selling. That is, the content should not be obvious about the selling of the products. If the visitor realizes the selling, he will have second thoughts and may not click on the merchant’s banner at all. This is why the content should be informative and should expound on the benefits of the product. The affiliate’s website should become a fountain of information for the visitors so that he will return again and again to the website.

It is also a good idea to have several products being promoted in the affiliate’s website. This way, the visitor will have choices and he will not think that the affiliate is simply selling the product.

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