Profitable Affiliate Marketing Using Incentive Offers

Gerardas Norkus
April 1, 2009 — 1,474 views  
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The biggest companies want to sell their products and services on the Internet. One of the best ways to market their products and services online is by offering a commission to website owners. This is done by setting up an affiliate program where webmasters can pick up the links to offers and promote them on their web sites in exchange for affiliate commissions for each sale made.

Webmasters have many ways to promote these affiliate offers - on websites, by email, with pay-per-click search engines, writing and distributing articles, etc.

However, a little-known way to promote these offers is by using incentives to online surfers who agree to buy a product or service from the webmaster.

One of the best ways to market incentive offers is by building a membership-based website and giving free cash to members who agree to accept affiliate products and services.

Here are the steps for setting up a successful incentive-based website:

1. You'll have to build a database-driven website where new members can sign up and start browsing offers after logging in. Such websites usually promote at least a hundred of various offers. You should offer your members about 50% of the commission that you recieve from an affiliate program.

One of the biggest disadvantages in starting an incentive-based website is that the scripts for running such program are quite complicated. However, if you don't know Internet programming and cannot build the website by yourself, you can hire someone to create the scripts for you or purchase them online.

2. After your website is up and running, you should apply for affiliate networks that allow incentive traffic. When your application is approved you should set up offers on your website.

3. You should market the incentive offers not only on your website but by email too. Sending paid email to your members is one of the best ways to increase your profit. You should reward your members with a certain amount of cash for reading each paid email and redirect them to affiliate offers where they can earn even more extra cash by accepting the offers.

4. Since the incentive traffic is usually limited to certain countries, you should promote your website to the visitors of these countries only. The best ways to drive targeted traffic to your incentive-based website are: pay-per-click search engines, email marketing and affiliate marketing (by setting up your own affiliate program).

5. You should manage your website by setting up new offers, paying members their earned payments, suspending fraudulent accounts and tracking your website advertising campaigns.

Some incentive-based websites offer a point system. It means that members earn points instead of cash. Later these points can be redeemed for cash or any other items.

Incentive marketing on the Internet can be very profitable. Anyone can start an excellent home-business online within several weeks and run it spending only a couple of hours per day. It doesn't require any complicated and time-consuming content writing for websites and newsletters. The investment in scripts is low.


Gerardas Norkus is an author of "Paid Email Business Secrets" eBook that reveals a step-by-step system for running a highly profitable home-based-business on the Internet.

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Gerardas Norkus

Author of "Paid Email Business Secrets"