Psychological Triggers To Target

October 14, 2008 — 1,455 views  
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Consumer's behavior is often consistent with their previous decisions. Therefore, if a customer says "yes" to an offer, make another offer that relates to the first. %u2022; Determine the nature of the product so you can relate it to your prospect. Find which characteristics of your product have caught the prospect's interest. %u2022; If your product has a flaw, don't avoid it. Bring the flaw into the open right away. This will make the negative feature less negative. Then concentrate on the benefits. %u2022; Tell prospects a story concerning the product you are selling; this establishes a relationship while focusing their attention. %u2022; Make them feel special. Offer an exclusive product to make your prospective customer feel like they will be the owner of something only a select few can have. %u2022; Simplicity is key. The easier it is for a potential customer to make a choice, the more likely they are going to make it. %u2022; Live up to your promises. Be as specific as you can in your copy. Be an authority on your product; this will further establish you as a credible source. %u2022; Get customers actively involved in the buying process. Talk to them as if they already owned the product. (Taken from DirectLine)

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