Microsoft Dynamics CRM Receives Updates

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April 16, 2014 — 1,902 views  
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CRM (customer relationship management) can help customers by taking them through business processes in an organized and automated manner which will reduce costs, increase profits and maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. Microsoft introduced Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 2011 which is a software package to assist customers with sales, marketing and service related information.

It allows online interaction between the customer and the server by either using a browser, a plug-in device or a number of mobile phone apps. The version currently in use is the 2013 version. In February 2014, Microsoft unveiled its new version scheduled to be released in this year’s second and third quarters, which will be improvements of its three main current applications which are marketing, social listening and customer care services.

Marketing capabilities

Microsoft Office 365 has launched Dynamics CRM Marketing which is very similar to the regular dynamics CRM interface. This software helps businesses and companies that manage service campaigns through print, email, online and sponsorship channels. It uses a feature called Power BI that produces bar graphs and charts once the budget information has been fed in. Another impressive feature is the marketing graphical interface that allows you to design and create sequences, and define actions to build marketing campaigns for different products and services.

Social listening capabilities

This unique feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows business organizations to visually communicate, listen and converse with customers, clients and critics from all around the world, get feedback and criticism and respond to their software related queries and questions. Positive/negative comments can be posted on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, and a rating is given to grade each comment to improve efficiency.

Customer care capabilities

The first feature under this CRM is called ‘New Case Hierarchies’, which is the division of customer issues into parent and child records and links the child cases to the main parent record up to a limit of 100 cases. Another feature is ‘Improved Case Routing’, which automatically creates and forms ready made cases/issues from incoming emails from customers using CRM rules, which will then reach the concerned CRM teams.

Members will be able to select specific queues according to their defined membership rules using CRM’s ‘Membership Queues’ feature. With the level of large scale operations undertaken by Microsoft, it is crucial that is has highly efficient CRM capabilities to help customers worldwide use its various software services.

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