Gain Blog and Social Media Shares by Using These Words in Your Title

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April 14, 2014 — 1,935 views  
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Writing an eye grabbing headline is not easy. A catchy headline, Facebook post and tweet can be a work of art that triggers the reader to action if done properly. The reader will click share or tweet or both if the headline and post are good enough to warrant such action.

When a number of experts on social media networks examined a huge number of Facebook statuses, blog posts and tweets, and looked closely at the ones which were most shared, a pattern emerged.

Blog posts are the simplest to understand when it comes to the logic behind shares in social media. It has been found that the blogs which are shared the most include the following words:

•    Surprising
•    Science
•    History
•    Critical
•    Huge or big
•    Smart
•    Hacks or hackable or hackers

In case of Twitter, the tweets that have a high probability of being re tweeted are:

•    Media
•    Please retweet
•    Please
•    Retweet
•    Great
•    Post
•    Help
•    Blog post
•    Check it out
•    New blog post
•    Social media
•    Social
•    How to
•    10
•    You
•    Free
•    Top
•    Follow
•    Twitter

In case of Facebook, the following status updates have the highest probability to be shared:

•    A status that inspires
•    Unites
•    Amuses (usually comes with quotes and funny pictures)
•    Gives. Examples include discounts or deals and offers
•    Amazes
•    Advises (“how to” posts)
•    Warns

Techniques to go viral

Cracking the elusive code of techniques to attract users of social media will have a positive result in increasing a company's brand awareness by multiple orders of magnitude. The methods to achieve this are:

Tagging on Twitter

The tagging functionality of Twitter is an excellent method to let readers know that you are concerned about them. Tagging companies, journalists or thought leaders will surely motivate them to publicize your company to their own social connections. Before you start, do an effective research and concentrate on a few individuals at first. Once you have identified them, you will be able to understand and consequently connect with them.

Tagging thought leaders will accomplish three important goals:

•    Capture attention and make the tagged aware of you/your company
•    Encourage the leaders to share the post on their respective social networks
•    Providing cross-promotional opportunities

Opportunities in cross promotion

If you want a guaranteed way to get promoted, partner with another company for cross promotion. Plan out the best way to get leads. One example of a cross promotion is the client hosted webinar.

Reach out and nurture relationships by offering incentives like early feature access or reduced pricing. Use share buttons to offer easily legible and accessible content.

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