Photo Tagging a Twit-Pic - What can this do for your Twitter Strategy

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April 14, 2014 — 1,486 views  
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Twitter released two important updates in its Android and iOS apps on April 2. It is now possible to tag a maximum of 10 people in a single photo. You can also upload to a maximum of four photos in a single tweet. This action will have no impact on the 140 character limit.

The problem that Twitter users were facing was that it was not possible for them to tag other users in a tweet apart from a mention in the body of a tweet. This update permits the tagging of 10 people in a single tweet without the character count being affected. If you are tagged in a photo, you also get an automatic notification. Twitter has incorporated controls which allow you to un-tag yourself and you can also determine who can tag you.

The second update of Twitter permits you to attach a maximum of four images inside a single message. Individuals owning an iPhone will get this update first, followed by Android users. Users of all operating systems can view all the tweets with multiple photos.

The importance of photo-tagging

The number of online images is growing at a quick pace every hour and a search for a specific image can be quite difficult under normal circumstances. If a business wants its photos to be seen in search results, it must tag the photos before uploading it to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Tagging a large number of images can turn out to be surprisingly easy due to the new Twitter update. Since 10 photos can be tagged and uploaded in one go, the task is considerably lightened.

New update ideal for businesses

Companies can use multiple photos to narrate a story. User engagement is high as there is a majority of people using smartphones who want to stay connected which makes a photo an ideal method to process information.

The tweeted photo should be customer oriented. The user must consider the benefits the photo adds to the user. The reason for being interested in the photo in the first place should also be considered. It also must be relevant to a company’s product or service.

The best business twitter photos are those which show the product when it is being used. If done correctly, it can be a form of free advertising with customers turning into contributors.

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