Win Your Customers Back in Five Easy Steps

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April 8, 2014 — 1,808 views  
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Loyal customers are considered to be the most profitable asset of any business. Many times a business faces a situation of having to deal with dis-satisfied customers who may have been at the receiving end of a bad service or faulty product. There is also a possibility that they had to be part of an unpleasant or undesirable situation which has become embedded in their memory. Re-engaging customers or winning them back requires a strategic plan. It is possible to correct the situation by taking several steps including listening to the customers, offering discounts to ensure future visits from them.

Five steps to win back customer loyalty

1.      Find out the reason for the customer walk-out and change your offer: As a first step, you really need to figure out the exact reason why the customer left so that you can take appropriate action. For instance, it is possible that the reason for a customer disconnection is ‘pricing’. Then clearly, your offer and their value perception do not match. But in other cases, you might need to adjust your offer to make it fit into the customer’s pocket.

2.      Get personal with your customer: In case of an upset customer, one of the best strategies is to make them feel valued or special by creating opportunities to do personalized marketing. Providing exclusive previews of newly launched products, personalized demonstrations, recommendations etc. based on previous buying behavior are some of the strategies you can employ. You can also make special vouchers, discounts and other similar offers a part of your customer win-back strategy.

3.      Think of creative ways to reach out: You need to focus on not just the product sale but the entire shopping experience for the customer. One of the steps in winning back customer loyalty is to use methods such that involve multichannel communication. Sending emails, text messages, tagging customers in Social media posts are some of the new age trending techniques that help in making a personal brand connect with your old customers.

4.      Loyalty programs: Make your customers benefit from each shopping experience by engaging proactively with them, giving them reward points, fostering increased loyalty for the brand. Accumulating and analyzing data on customer buying behavior and preferences is very important.

5.      Go social: Tweet! Tag! Repeat! Yes, social media is the new age mantra to give and receive valuable information about your customers through messages. Maximum utilization of this platform is the key to winning back customer loyalty for your brand.


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