10 Things to Do On LinkedIn Before You Die…and After

Victoria Ipri
March 19, 2014 — 1,835 views  
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LinkedIn™. If you're like most users, you have a love/hate relationship with this powerful relationship-building platform.
As a LinkedIn enthusiast, my own philosophy goes something like this: If your competition is already there, avoiding LinkedIn is not an option.

Using LinkedIn only "when you have to", or avoiding it altogether, is akin to selling wares out of a windowless basement while your competition enjoys street-level space complete with massive window displays...then whining "My competition is killing me!"
Rather, your LinkedIn goal should be two-fold:

1. Stop wasting your time complaining about what LinkedIn cannot do

2. Start investing your time learning, so you can replace your disdain with the undeniable excitement of new business found
For those of you in agreement, here are 10 Things to Do On LinkedIn Before You Die, and a bonus -- what should happen to your account when you die:

1. Post a picture of yourself- smiling! The smile is a universal language. Why post a picture that says "Tough day at the prison."?

2. Get with it on your headline. Really, people, no more excuses on this headline thing. The headline area allows for 120 characters to tell a quick Story of You. What you do for a living right now at this moment is not who you are, is it? Look at what others are doing and gather ideas that feel right for you. Use keywords - words others might typically use to find someone with your skills. (Hint: "Creative", "Experienced" et al are adjectives, not keywords. They are not searchable. Save the accolades for your Summary.) It doesn't matter if you use vertical lines, or create one sentence...just ENGAGE!

3. Use the "Share Your Profile" button. Aha! Bet you didn't know this existed.   You'll find it directly underneath the Profile Strength feature, in the right column of your profile. Get attention for your profile or blast out a great update to Facebook and/or Twitter. How easy is this?

4. Change your news feed. Spend 10 minutes exercising your control over Pulse, reselecting Influencers and news categories to ensure your morning feed contains precisely the news you want to receive. (You can be a LinkedIn publisher now too!)

5. It's not all about you. Reach out! Congratulate others on promotions and job changes. Say Happy Birthday! Comment on someone else's group discussion or like someone's update. Trivial? Maybe, but...in just 5 minutes each morning, you can generate enough professional brownie points to carry you through the rest of the day. Remember, it's all about staying top of mind. If people don't see you, they forget you.

6. Export your connections. Imagine waking up tomorrow to find LinkedIn is shut down temporarily or, heaven forbid, no longer exists? Nightmare. Or maybe you want to send emails without using LinkedIn? Whatever the reason, export your connections regularly for peace of mind. (Network >Contacts>Settings (looks like a gear, top right)>Export LinkedIn Connections (Under Advanced Settings, right column)

7. Create your company page. C'mon, very small business owners - it's time to delineate between your personal and company profiles. You want more exposure, right? So get in there and play with the big kids! (Use the Showcase pages...awesome.)

8. Accept Endorsements...but do it your way. Endorsements are important because they tie in deeply to LinkedIn's algorithm and its effect on LinkedIn page rank among your peers. Don't ignore them, but don't accept them all either. Read my free report - you'll find it on my profile, in the Experience segment. You've got to know this stuff.

9. Add 2 new connections daily. Just 2 each business day for 1 year represents nearly 500 high-quality, hand-selected, truly relevant connections. Do you think this might help to improve your value and that of your products & services?

10. Reduce the size of your network. Hand in hand with #9, we've finally come to understand quality over quantity. Schedule 30 minutes soon to go through your entire network of connections with the goal of disconnecting from those who are no longer relevant. I chose to disconnect from three specific types of members. It may be tedious, but it's 30 minutes well spent (perhaps several times until the task is done), because the quality of your network is everything in terms of your professional visibility and brand value perception. (Members are not notified that you have disconnected.)

11. Death happens. If you come across the profile of someone who has passed away, LinkedIn can close that person's account and remove their profile upon your request, given the right information you provide. Or, to protect your own profile upon your death, authorize someone in writing to request removal.  Simply complete this form. LinkedIn will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

Victoria Ipri

Ipri International