Six Ways to get Up, Close and Personal with Every Customer

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March 21, 2014 — 1,953 views  
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There has been a marked change in the attitude of customers over the past few years with regard to privacy concerns. Customers are slowly getting accustomed to seeing ads that speak to them directly and encountering sales experiences that boast of personalization.

Personalized Marketing is the new mantra in the world of sales professionals and marketers, who aim at targeting customers using the data and information collected on the customer.

Below are the top six strategies which can be employed by marketers to ensure a pleasant personalized marketing experience for their customers:

  1. Segmented direct mail marketing: Traditionally, customer databases were segmented on the basis of geography and purchase history. However, consumer behavior has gradually become more traceable. Marketers now need to integrate CRM software and social media strategies. If a customer’s name is already in your mailing list, you will have some background on the customer. You can make use of social media websites to make this information more valuable for the company’s marketing team.

  2. Shopping cart personalized re-targeting: There are customers who visit your website, but only end up placing products in the shopping cart without any actual purchase. This gives you an idea about the customer's behavior, preferences, tastes etc. You need to target these potential buyers as soon as they leave the website. The time period or duration for targeting needs to be determined based on the decision time and purchase cycle of the customer. Liquid Ads are a creative way to remind the potential buyers about the product.

  3. Contextual internet ads: This is a form of targeted advertising. An automated system selects the advertisements to be shown on the web page or browser based on the content that is currently displayed to the user.

  4. Recent purchase personalization: This essentially means displaying similar products on the web page as those recently purchased by the customer on a particular website.

  5. Segmented email marketing: You can segment your email list by identifying marketing identities that make up your target or ideal customers. Divide these segments into chunks based on the number of marketing identities and send them personalized email messages.

  6. Different messages for different customers: You need to modify content to meet the requirements of different marketing identities by your team. The content needs to speak to each and every type of marketing persona based on their specific requirements.

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