Facebook Grafts Personal News Feed Design to Branded Pages

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March 17, 2014 — 1,887 views  
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It was only last week that the world's favorite social media site, Facebook introduced a leaner and more simpler news feed on users' personal pages. The idea may have caught on well with Facebook users because the company has now copied that design to branded pages.

The biggest change in the new design is that Facebook has switched back to the single, up-down timeline column. Its predecessor, the two column timeline could show more posts over the fold but is was very confusing, more so when the user wanted to put up material with dates such as sales and events. The timeline also looked messy when a user pinned or featured a post.

All business information like address, phone number, URL and maps will show on the right side. Your videos and photos will also be shown here. Interestingly, Facebook has also included links for photos and videos on the navigation bar. Moreover, there are rumors that all custom tabs will be hidden in the 'More' link.

Admins' work becomes easier

Admins will appreciate the new design. On the top right side of the page, Facebook has added a  new guide for Notifications, Post Reach, Page Likes and Ads Running. The Ads Running bar is pasted on the top.

Apart from these changes, another interesting addition is a new tool called Pages To Watch. This feature allows admins to monitor their competitors to see what they are doing. Admins can now compare their company with other companies (and steal ideas). Here you can see key stats about the other companies such as total likes, percentage increase in new likes from a week ago, posts from the current week and engagement.

How to use the Pages to Watch tool

Competitor information is actually public and you could find it out before too (but it took a lot of time). With this tool, you do not have to worry about data collection or calculations. Here is a word of advice. Do not monitor big companies with this tool. Rather look for companies that are in the same league as you are. Like this, you will learn doable concepts. If everyone's performance goes down, you will not feel so sad about the performance of your page.

These measures have come in good time. According to recent reports, the number of young people who use Facebook (its biggest user base) is coming down. They are switching to competitor sites like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Twitter. So the company is desperately trying different methods to remain relevant, to maintain its numero uno position and not become another Orkut.

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