Could Your PPC be Better? Here are Five Insights to Boost PPC Performance

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March 12, 2014 — 2,021 views  
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Actionable insights are very useful in marketing. In case of PPC advertisers, access to the most recent and relevant data is vital, more so as they are competing in real time and with restricted budgets for elusive clicks.

The first move towards a fruitful paid search account is to do an audit of a PPC account. It is possible to do that audit by manually scrummaging through the data in your PPC account. Other options to reach the same goal also exist.

In order to examine Google Adwords accounts and to derive recommendations and insights from them to better optimize targeting, spend and general performance, the following five insights are critical .

1. CTR (Click Through Rate)

This informs the percentage of the ad impressions which became clicks. If your ads are not liked by your searchers, then you will suffer from low CTRs. This happens also if your  keyword targeting is too broad.

High CTRs are rewarded to ads/keywords by Adwords in the form of high Quality Scores. This results in a lesser cost per click (CPC) and a more high profile positioning of ads.

2. Quality Score (QS)

Quality Score has a profound effect on ranking, ad placement and cost. It is utilized to measure the relevance, that is determined by factoring in keyword CTRs. Ad, quality of the landing page, search query relevance and a number of other factors.

Improving the QS can assist in increasing the impressions while lowering costs for each click. Higher QS results in higher page ranking at less expense.

3. Wasted spend

You can exclude keywords by using negative keywords. Such keywords attract clicks from individuals who are likely to convert and are important to the success of a campaign. It is suggested that you analyze sales data to discover the terms which attract clicks, but do not end in conversions.

4. Mobile readiness

 Marketers are increasingly spending a lot of money on mobiles - calculated to be 27 percent of contemporary digital spending on ads. This is why your PPC account must be mobile optimized.

5. Following PPC Best Practices

Following the best practices will help you uncover opportunities related to geo-targetting, network targeting, AdWords use, conversion tracking and Ad Extensions among others.

It is to be remembered that AdWords is a live auction and costs can vary very quickly. If you are not paying attention, your competitors will outperform you.

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