Why Yahoo Will Stop Allowing Social Media Sign-Ins

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March 12, 2014 — 1,900 views  
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Yahoo Inc. will discontinue allowing consumers to access its bouquet of online services, including the photo sharing website Flickr and Fantasy Sports, by logging in with their Google or Facebook accounts.

Compulsory registration

According to a Yahoo spokeswoman, the new protocol will be gradually rolled out and users who want to continue using Yahoo services must register for a Yahoo ID to utilize any Yahoo property.  This move marks the latest change in the functioning of Yahoo services by Marissa Mayer, the Chief Executive Officer of the online giant. She is trying to ignite fresh interest in its web products and revitalize its declining revenue.

The company released a statement, saying that Yahoo is continuously striving to improve the experience of the user and the new log-in process will permit the company to provide excellent personalized experience to every user.

The Yahoo service brought under the new log-in protocol is the Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'Em. It is concentrated on the NCAA basketball tournament which is scheduled to start later in March. The news of change to the Tourney Pick'Em log-in protocol was initially reported by Betanews - a technology blog.


After Mayer assumed the role of CEO in 2012, Yahoo has released a number of new versions of many of its flagship products, like Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Mail. In 2013, Yahoo had announced its intention of recycling Yahoo IDs which are inactive, and permitting new users to take over email addresses that have not been used for about a year.

Mayer, by discontinuing the Google and Facebook sign-in features, has practically reversed the strategy Yahoo adopted in 2010 and 2011. Then CEO was Carol Bartz. Changes to the Tourney Pick'Em log-in process was initiated on Monday, but users of other services can still access them with Facebook or Google accounts for the time being. The process was done to enhance the user experience.

The sign-in button for Google and Facebook will be removed over a course of time from all the properties owned and controlled by Yahoo. Mayer, however, was not willing to state a particular time-frame.

At present, Yahoo users will able to access services using Google and Facebook accounts. The latest move points out that Mayer wants to take a dissimilar route to retain the website's native users and refresh the Yahoo brand.

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