How to Substantially Increase Your Social Media Following

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February 24, 2014 — 1,895 views  
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If you’re searching for creative techniques to increase your social media following, but are handicapped by limited resources, then the Microsoft Dynamics case study will come in handy. The huge conglomerate understood that when it came to social media, it was the same as any other company.

Big company, same problems

Microsoft Dynamics had to find answers to the following queries:

  • To whom the company is sending its message
  • What are the needs of the target audience
  • The place and the manner to talk to them

How the company achieved social media success

Kelly Rogotti, senior marketing communication manager, responsible for the social media marketing of Microsoft Dynamics, adopted the following strategies:

One company, one social media

Before Rigotti joined the company, Microsoft Dynamics had a large number of social media accounts and blogs distributed across many platforms. A number of people were handling these accounts, but no single individual was responsible for the whole process. The company realized that they had to think in a strategic manner and hired one person - Rigotti - to do the job.

Stop talking about Microsoft products and tell a story

Rigotti initiated a shift in the company's marketing strategy – a move she describes as a storytelling approach compared to the previous product-centered style. The company stopped talking about individual products and instead listened to customers.

Selling ideas internally

Rigotti proceeded to find all Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and a number of other social media accounts to understand who the owners of the accounts were. She discarded most and concentrated the company’s social media accounts to four platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. There was a little resistance early on, but her efforts to bring everyone on board dissolved dissatisfaction, if there was any.

Content and connections

Microsoft Dynamics has a wide audience, from solution partners to end users. To reach a maximum number of persons with fewer accounts, the company thought about the common thread which tied these audiences together and used it in all content on every social media channel. The content was sourced from industry and product specialists and was modified to make it social-media-friendly.

Examining results

There is no direct connection between product sales and social media as end users generally purchase from a solution provider. For the evaluation of social media, the company focused on engagement and awareness and used an enterprise social media management program to keep track of metrics, like hashtag use and search.  According to Rigotti, the key to success is to be consistent over a longer time period. Any data evaluated over a period of time yields much better results. 

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