LinkedIn Opens Long Form Professional Publishing Tools to All Users

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February 21, 2014 — 1,844 views  
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Since its inception in 2012, the Long Form Professional Publishing Tools of LinkedIn had been targeted towards important Influencers like Tony Robbins, Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Breaking this hold, LinkedIn has now opened its publishing platform to all their users so that they can now publish long form original content. The program has been a resounding success with about 31,000 professionals viewing the Influencer posts.


With the help of the open publishing platform, any user has the power to author a long form post, which will assist them in increasing their total awareness through original content. Once a user creates a post, it becomes a part of his or her professional profile and can be shared with the professional network. As of now, about 25,000 members have access to publishing capabilities and the number of users is expected to multiply in the near future.


Only Influencers had the authority to publish on LinkedIn until now. But the notion of your content getting broad exposure like an Influencer's contribution just because you have published on LinkedIn does not hold water. The professional social media site is at present restricting the publishing power to 25,000 members. This will increase to include everyone in the future.

LinkedIn will also display the posts you have made to contacts within your network. The site cannot open the publishing platform to a point where it functions like a professional blog. There is a lurking fear that poorly written profiles and white-papers will be published, leading to the detriment of the entire LinkedIn community as a whole.

Although it appears as if the publishing system of LinkedIn is transforming everyone into a blogger, it looks like the site is not going to remain as a simple networking platform any longer.  It will be particularly helpful to self-employed professionals like lawyers and doctors to feature content relevant to their field of work on their professional profiles. This will also help improve their credibility. Additionally, posts published in long form will open up discussions, improving the quality of interaction on the website.

This had been a smart action for LinkedIn as there does not seem to be any problem in featuring content generated by users of the site. It will assist the professional social networking behemoth compete with other nascent publishers like Medium.

Association of Strategic Marketing