Firefox Begins to Show Sponsored "Content"

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February 14, 2014 — 1,427 views  
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Firefox, the popular internet browser, has planned to surprise its users with some sponsored content that will show up every time a user opens a new tab in the browser. Sponsored content, surprisingly, will not only be advertisements based on past or recent search history.

What is going to change?

Initially the user's 'Directory Tiles' had remained empty in the beginning, and over time they would get populated with the websites visited most frequently by the user. Directory Tiles are the nine boxes which appear on the browser page every time a new tab is opened. Sometimes these tiles would be covered with the recently visited websites of the users. But with this change that Firefox is planning to bring, these tiles will be filled with pre-packed data for first time users of the browser.

The pre-packed content will be a combination of information from Mozilla, sponsored content of Mozilla's hand-picked partners for helping the company support its mission and finally some popular website of the geographic location of the user. The sponsored tiles will even be labeled this way for the user to filter all the content.

Herman all praises for the change in tiles

Darren Herman, the Vice President of Mozilla's Content Services showed his excitement about the news through a blog post. He wrote the department is excited about the change in the appearance of Directory Tiles as they have always been considered quite important by the users. This change will make the tiles even more valuable to the users of Firefox. These changes go hand-in-hand with the vision that Mozilla has about better service by keeping the Internet transparent and trustworthy.

Herman even announced these sponsored tiles recently at IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting. However, he had acknowledged in his blog that Mozilla never actually saw eye-to eye with IAB previously and that it has always been open about its opposition for online advertising activities as they tend to infringe the privacy of the users. Presently, Mozilla generates most of its revenue by driving its search traffic to Google.

As of now, Herman didn’t provide any time frame for this change to show up. But the company intends on doing it as soon as possible to give its users a better experience with the browser. Now, whether the users will actually like this change or not, only time will tell. 

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