Facebook Turns 10, Celebrates with Look Back and Paper for iPhone

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February 6, 2014 — 1,423 views  
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Facebook, which has scripted a mammoth change in the way people interact, share and communicate with each other over the last decade, celebrated its tenth anniversary on February 4th. Nearly 1.23 billion users of the social networking site were in for a special surprise, thanks to Look Back, a feature that created a sentimental feel, as users were allowed to watch a movie of their lives, which included a collection of their most-liked status updates and photos.

On Paper

Also part of the celebration was the release of Paper, a standalone iPhone app meant to read and write news. Paper is right now only available for iPhone users in the United States, and the company has not revealed any plans to release the app on platforms for mobile or Android. The application is an offshoot of the company’s Creative Labs unit, and is a 2014 revised version of Facebook, where news feed has been re-imagined to give smartphone users a better experience of videos, photos and regular posts. The app has sections from where users can collect news on topics of their choice.

This new move is seen as a step towards bringing freshness into a network that no longer seems to be “cool”, at least for teens. There have been surveys and perceptions that Facebook is no longer a favorite for this demographic, and Paper hopes to change that.

Looking Back and Ahead

Look Back is a way for the company itself to relive its experience, and is just part of the many plans Facebook has for the coming decade. The company plans to provide personalized ads in news feeds which it hopes will boost revenue, in the next three years. This move is the “biggest shift in marketing in generations”, pointed out Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, during a recent earnings call. 

Facebook also has ambitions of bringing out standalone apps that will mine its huge data and create a more modern version of search, with the help of Graph Search. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, users can expect a mobile version of Graph Search “pretty soon”.

Zuckerberg has also made public his hopes of bringing the internet to all corners of the world, and getting more people into its bandwagon, by creating cost-effective devices and data hubs.


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