Google AdWords All Revamped

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January 29, 2014 — 1,521 views  
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Your New Year resolutions might have already taken a slump, but Google is determined about achieving what it wants and has already taken steps in that direction. Unfortunately, it is even ready to push people for this purpose--at least this is what quite a few users of Google AdWords have to say. Though the online advertising service has done a commendable job at keeping its blog updated with relevant information, over the last few weeks users have been noticing a lot of news all over it.

Improved Additions From Last Year

This change first came up on January 15th when a post about improvements and upcoming features titled, insights for 2014, was made available. The post spoke about how AdWords had introduced enhanced campaigns around a year back and how this made it simpler for its users to manage their campaigns even on multiple devices, while optimizing the intent of their customers and context like their location.

It then mentioned that apart from certain additions in the enhanced campaigns like manual bid adjustments, it had also launched new and more flexible automatic bidding strategies. Last June it introduced another valuable addition in the form of audience-based capability for searching ads. This feature gave its users the ability to tailor their ads, bids, and even keywords based on the previous visits of the user on the website.

Lastly, it had also added another metric for estimated cross-device conversions for helping its users in measuring the conversion better, which started with clicking an ad on a certain device and ended with a conversation (online) on another device.

What Does it Plan to Change in 2014?

AdWords promised that this year its users can expect significant improvements around analysis and reporting, campaign planning, testing, opportunity identification, and work flow efficiency.  These changes will make AdWords much easier to use. Its next step will be a series of tutorials for Google Hangout. In February, it will be discussing mobile targeting, real bidding with audience targeting, and location targeting. Not only will these sessions prove useful to beginners, but they will also be free. The recent update of AdWords gives users access to a better user interface that allows them to spend less time figuring out the interface and more time for focusing on their business and its growth.

Recently, Google emphasized on its commitment to stop bad ads by releasing a few ad mute surveys that can help advertisers in understanding exactly why their ads aren’t clicking with the target audience.

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