AdSense Direct from Google to Boost Direct Ad Sales

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January 22, 2014 — 1,558 views  
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A new feature from Google, called AdSense Direct, will ensure direct sales of ads, with no change in the code required. As part of the new feature, a publisher sets up his or her own ad campaign through AdSense – this link will then be sent to the advertiser with whom the publisher has arrived at a direct ad transaction. However, the advertiser will not be able to create a payment system for the sale of direct ads and remuneration will still have to be routed through Google Wallet. By way of this new feature, Google acts as a publisher’s boss or aide – approving creative and setting up a minimum price.

The deal, though, is that Google will take 15 percent from all AdSense Direct transactions, and each campaign will not be able to go on for more than three months. This comes as a huge boost for individual publishers making their way through the ad business. Google’s move is seen as competition to other services that are already helping small or individual publishers to sell their ads directly.

More Revenue

According to the AdSense blog, AdSense Direct can help you increase revenues, because once your deal with an advertiser over a specific campaign, the ad space on your site will resume showing earlier AdSense advertisements. Also, as a publisher, you stand to gain time because you don’t have to draw up fresh contracts for every deal you get – Google is the common factor between both the parties’ contracts. Your income from direct ad deals is part of your AdSense payment package.

Price for the Campaign

Google research says direct ad sales fetch a price which is over double the price of targeted advertisements. When a publisher starts a new campaign, he or she has to set the dates – both the beginning and end of the campaign period, which needs to last at least for one day. Once that is done, the price needs to be entered. Once a publisher’s ad has been bought by an advertiser, no more edits or changes can be carried out. There are also options to cancel or refund a certain campaign on both the buyer or the publisher’s behalf.

Building a Bond

Direct ad sales benefit advertisers because it gives more control, more clarity and builds ties with the publishers. A buyer knows exactly where the ad is going to be placed, what the price is and who the publisher is – a mutually beneficial option.

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