Apple on an All-new High

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January 8, 2014 — 1,500 views  
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Ever since smartphones and tablets made it to the palms of people, they seem to have discovered a whole new world all together. The various options available have made different arenas easily accessible. But, it is not these gadgets alone but the apps you can download on them that make them a lot cooler and a lot more useful. Need to keep a track on your weight? Download an app that will help you do so. Need your phone to help you work better? There is an app for that too. 

Apple Users Spent $10 Billion on Apps in 2013

There are several apps available for every operating system – iOS, Android and Windows. However, the end of 2013 revealed that Apple is not just the market leader when it comes to providing the best of gadgets, but also a preferred choice when it comes to apps. The company in a recent press release mentioned that its users spend around $10 billion on its apps and digital content. This included content and apps downloaded on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in 2013, all developed by Apple Inc.

According to the company, the month of December alone saw Apple users spending around $1 billion on apps and downloaded about three billion of them. Apple said that overall it has paid approximately $15 billion to its developers. This amount is roughly half of what the company paid last year.

Apple Generates Higher Revenue

According to App Annie, one of the leading app analytics providers, Google Play presently has more number of overall downloads as it has a large user base, but as far as revenue creation is concerned, Apple steals the cake. It generates roughly double the revenue of Google Play.

However, this increase in Apple's sales and app downloads does not come as a surprise as the number of Apple users and amount of new Apple devices entering the market are both increasing steadily. As more and more people are getting iPads, iPhones and iPod touches, there is an increase in users accessing Apple’s App store. Owning an Apple product is more of a status symbol for most, which also shows in the increasing number of people opting for Apple products. However, what is interesting to see is how many Apple users will actually spend money or are willing to spend on apps and how many of them would rather stick to the free ones.

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