Get a Head Start on Your 2014 Sales Goals with Housekeeping

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January 16, 2014 — 1,480 views  
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While everyone is in the festive mood, all you sales professionals are perhaps busy figuring out what to do next year to boost the sales of the company. This is the perfect time to plan your sales goals for 2014 and analyze how you can achieve them. The first thing you can begin with in this direction is by maintaining and organizing your Customer Relationship Management tool. Before you go out in the field, it is better to begin with some clean up at the base level and this is where revisiting your CRM techniques will help you.

Importance of Maintaining and Organizing CRM

This is the most important tool that helps you in creating as well as sustaining strong relationships with your customers. This makes developing CRM a lot more essential for taking the company to a higher level as it increases sales. Here is why you need to constantly maintain and organize your CRM system:

  • It gives you historical and detailed analysis of all your existing and potential customers which is helpful in reducing the burden of searching information about your customers.
  • Regular maintenance and organization of CRM will help you in tracking your customers and determining whether a customer is proving to be profitable or not.
  • As CRM systems group customers in different categories based on kind of business, location and so on, it allows your account managers in concentrating well on every customer.
  • Regular maintenance and organization of CRM system proves very cost efficient in the long run.

Reaching your Sales Goals

To make sure that you reach your 2014 sales goals, you will have to look back at some of the basics like lead generation. You will have to understand the difference between good leads and prospects. Leads are those that fall in your target market and demography. They are the ones who express a need and are interested in the solutions that you have to offer them. On the other hand, prospects are those who are looking for information for solving their problems. They may not express their needs clearly but can be in your target market and demography itself. Now that you know the difference, here is what you can do:

File Away Dead Leads

Perhaps you were counting on a certain lead but things didn’t go the way you intended them to go. If you realize that it’s a case of dead lead, it is better if you just let it go rather than coming up with ideas to bounce back. You can probably try getting back to the lead sometime later, but this is not the right time.

Take the Warm Leads into Consideration

New Year is a time to start afresh so if you notice some warm leads, try to cash on them. It is not very difficult to turn warm leads into sales, so don’t allow this opportunity go out of your hands.

Keep Track on the CRM

Again getting back to the CRM, make sure that it is organized well. You can talk to your team about maintaining the CRM on a weekly or daily basis, whatever suits your goals. This will ensure that the system doesn’t get messy and stays in control.

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