What Does Your 'About Us' Page Really Say About You

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January 6, 2014 — 1,575 views  
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After the home page, the 'about us' page is probably the most-visited page on any website. Do you know what this means?  Your 'about us' has as much potential as your home page to lasso in new customers or drive ones away. Read on, and we'll tell you how to make a better website with an 'about us' page that won't disappoint.

What Users Look For in an 'About Us' Page

So you've got a great product/service that you want to sell. But how does the user know what it does? While you may be comfortable using technical jargon while describing it, users often aren't on the same boat as you. Your website visitors will appreciate it a lot more if you pen down what you guys do in simple words.

Users want to know if your business is legitimate or a hoax. Pictures with people in it, rather than things or products, are often identified with as businesses they can trust. It helps in building a meaningful rapport with customers.

Website visitors want the 'about us' page to be accessible. Users get frustrated when they're not able to spot the 'about us' page and usually move on to a different website. Make it accessible and it will increase website traffic.

Common Website Mistakes That You Should Avoid

  • Your page puts the customers to sleep- If your page is going to sound dull and boring, no customer will want to spend more than a few seconds on it. Yes, that is all you have to get their attention. Corporate speak is impressive in boardrooms, but when it comes to dealing with customers, keep it light and interesting.
  • You blow your own trumpet- This is a notorious habit that many companies have, and the worst part is that they don't realize it. If a customer finds you endlessly ranting about your achievements in the ' about us' page, chances are he'll probably run to a different website.
  • Customers don't know how to reach out to you- You've put up engaging, convincing content and now the user has decided to try out your product/service. But how do they get through to you? Putting up contact details in some forlorn corner of your website will not help in generating leads much.

How to Re-Vamp Your 'About Us' Column

  • Everyone loves stories. Telling your story, be it through anecdotes or experiences, will engage the audience better.
  • If there is ever a time to get personal, it’s now. Add pictures of your staff or your product mascot, to connect with your customers at a personal level.
  • Let them know how they can benefit from your service. Including testimonials is a great way to go about it.
  • Add your Twitter and Facebook links on the page, or any other social media platforms that you're active on. Knowing that you pay heed to what other customers say on media forums, will tell them that you can be trusted.

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