Gmail Now Allowing All Images to Appear in Emails by Default

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December 23, 2013 — 1,664 views  
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Quite a few Gmail users found the ‘Display Images’ option on email platform rather inconvenient. Now, however, you do not have to click on the option for images in emails to be displayed. On Thursday, Google added improvements to its software and received a great number of positive responses from users worldwide.

The Initial Purpose of the Prompt

The message and available option was to protect individual users from downloading corrupt files and viruses through their email ids. Unknown senders could send out viruses into your system through picture files if the image download was automatic. Since this provides an insecure gateway between systems, Google decided to leave the choice with the user.

People would then have to select the ‘Always display images from’ or ‘Display images below’ options to view picture files in their inboxes. This was a safe option because most people only view files that come from trusted sources, like friends and family.

Is the New Mechanism Safe for Users?

Google monitors the various images being shared on the platform now before it is sent to the end user. This means that direct downloads cannot affect your computer. If corrupted files are being sent, the software rejects them. Google serves image files through their own proxy servers to ensure that end users are safe from malware and other threats.

What else Threatened to Harm Gmail users Before the Recent Update?

Malware was not the only thing that could affect users had the ‘Display images below’ option not been there earlier on. Since senders were able to verify whether your email id was still functional or not, they could find out your exact location by just knowing your IP address.

This would leave you vulnerable to stalkers and other people you do not want to interact with. It could also lead to quite a few security breaches and issues regarding private networks. People could look into the cookies in your personal browser, and attack work and home networks.

What Opportunities Does this New Feature Bring?

Now that Google checks for viruses by sending image files through its own server, people can freely communicate using pictures without the end user having to modify settings to receive files on the first time. This feature also creates an expanse of opportunity for email marketers all around the world.

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