Facebook Comes Up With a Noble Gesture

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December 19, 2013 — 1,729 views  
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In a move that would surprise many, Facebook has come up with a very noble gesture by introducing a 'Donate Now' button that directs you to pages of non-profit organization which are in need of finances. It is indirectly encouraging people who use Facebook on a regular basis and have enough money to spare to donate to these non-profit organizations. Facebook is especially targeting those people who spend money on the upgrades of the number of games that they play on Facebook.

How Does it Work?

Whenever you click on this 'Donate Now' button, you will see a pop-up asking you the amount of money you would like to donate. This amount starts from 10 dollars and goes up to 250 dollars. People who want to give even more than the available amount can also fill in their own amount. There are two options by which you can donate - one is through Paypal which is very convenient for users or you can pay through your credit card. Just click on the 'donate' button and your money will be headed for a noble cause.

Precautions you can Take

If you have chosen to pay using the credit card option, there is a good chance that Facebook will store your credit card information for future payment purpose. Although they have chosen to take this path, they don't have any evil intentions, but if you are still unsure you can always remove the payment information from Facebook after completing your transaction. 

There is also an option of posting the fact that you have made the donation on your newsfeed. Although it may seem like you are showcasing your generosity to your friends, it also ensures that others know about this noble cause. The organizations that are involved in this initiative with Facebook, who will be benefiting from this, are all genuine non-profit establishments like Unicef and Red Cross.

Generally people have a cynical attitude towards these types of things when donations are concerned, but with time and proper backing it has a good chance of becoming a success. These non-profit organizations need a steady in-flow of money so that they can keep doing the activities that they do. So, the steps taken by Facebook will go a long way in helping these organizations to assist others who are in need of help.

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