Facebook Comes out with Auto-play for Paid Video Ads

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December 18, 2013 — 1,558 views  
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As it’s quite well known, Facebook once in a while tweaks something on its social networking site by bringing in new features or by making certain changes to their current set up to keep their loyal users hooked. In one such measure, they have introduced a feature starting right away which will play video ads on your news-feed automatically once your cursor is over the video.

How this Idea Evolved

Facebook began with testing this idea quite a few months back with the videos that were shared from one person to another. It was found that when the videos started to play automatically there was a significant improvement in the number of viewers. For the sellers, it was an amazing opportunity as it not only increased the interest of the customers, but it also ensured that once the video was over, the customers have the option to check out more ads. The only thing that they need to do is to make the ad a little fascinating, so as to draw in more people towards the video which would ultimately get them interested in the product or service.

This has become an easy way of promoting a new tele-series or movies as the users don't see trailers of movies as ads. Facebook has started testing the reaction of the users by releasing video ads for some of the latest movies which is going to hit the theaters.

Issues Regarding These Video Ads

There were certain aspects regarding these video ads which had to be taken care of before it was released. These are as follows:

  • Sound: The video will start playing automatically, but the sound will come only when you click on the video. This had to be done to keep certain mishaps from taking place.
  • Mobile Download Bandwidth Issue: On the various mobile instruments, all the video recording that starts playing as they come up on the screen will have already been downloaded beforehand when the instrument was connected to the Wi-Fi at some point in time. This basically means that this content will not eat into your data plans, even when you are not connected to the Wi-Fi during the playback.

Facebook has made it quite clear that this service is not intended for all the video ads you see on the site, but it caters to the needs of certain specific marketers.

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