No More Google+ Ads on Google Plus

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December 11, 2013 — 1,672 views  
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It has been quite some time since Google launched its own social networking site, Google+. Though this one may not be as popular as the industry biggies Twitter and Facebook, you still cannot take away points from Google for launching a very creative social network. Google+ any day is much more creative than other social networks, but has somehow not been able to add enough users in its circle.

Latest Ad Feature

But this has not stopped Google from adding features into the site and making it better. The latest innovation by Google is that the social media ads don’t appear on Google+ anymore. Of course, it does not rule out the ads completely, but has a new way of displaying them without bothering the social media site users. The ads no longer appear on the social networking site, but instead originate elsewhere with the help of Google’s ad network. It is then turned into a Google+ post rather than just being an ad. 

Google will be using its social networking site for creating ads but not for actually running them. These ‘+Post’ ads will make use of the Google Display Network which presently includes around 2 million sites. These ads will look similar to Google+ posts but will only be seen outside the network. An example can be you looking for a minivan, and finding a pop up ad of Toyota on any car site. In this sense, the units more or less behave like promoted posts of Facebook. Google+ ads don’t actually include recommendations but only public posts made by users of Google+. This makes it far more personal.

Too Early to Predict

Not much can be said right now about how well this innovation will be received by businesses as well as users. But it definitely looks like a good idea and of course far more creative. But it would be too early to say that people might just jump into it any time soon. Also the fact that it is a part of Google+, it needs to be considered because as said earlier, the social networking site does not have as many fans as its competitors.

Even though the idea may deserve applause, possibility is that it may go far unnoticed by both users as well as businesses. Perhaps after some other social networking sites taking a hint from it and coming up with something on a similar ground, it will probably catch some attention.

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