Twitter Targets Television with its New Advertising

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November 27, 2013 — 1,458 views  
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Twitter is one of the most popular services on the internet. It is described as a combination of SMS and internet chatting. It has already attracted millions of users and many celebrities as well. People use the service to follow news, to interact with their friends and to keep up with brands and their promotions. Twitter has become a must use service for most people on the internet.

In the meanwhile, Twitter has also ramped up its advertising offerings. It allows brands and companies to market their products directly to their customers through their Twitter feeds. These feeds are now being extended to television. It is expected that the conversation on television will become an extension of the conversation on twitter. Already tweets are appearing on television and users can use Twitter to interact with each other during live television.

Brands targeting with television

Research carried out by market research firms like Nielsen have revealed Twitter users who were targeted with advertising while watching television had a substantially greater brand engagement and were more likely to become long time loyal customers.

Television has already proven to be an effective medium for communication and advertising. Its powers can be enhanced with the use of services like Twitter and its associated advertisement offerings.

Many brands have already made successful use of Twitter to target their audience on television. Most of them have reported positive results. Many other brands are planning to extend their advertisements to television using some of Twitter’s capabilities.

Roll out of the service

The service is currently only available in UK and US. It will soon be available in other countries like France, Germany, Spain and Italy. The timing of the roll-out depends mostly on the demand and television viewership in the country.

So far the results of the experiment in UK and US have been quite positive and instructive. Many new insights have been gained by experiment and it will help in expanding the service to newer markets.

All in all, Twitter advertising on television is here to stay. It provides a unique form of advertising and allows the users to interact with brands in a memorable and novel way. All this helps the brands gain more mind share and helps them in gaining newer customers. Over the long term, this trend is only going to increase with many more brands about to jump on the bandwagon.


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