How to Write a Sales Resume

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December 17, 2013 — 1,482 views  
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The good thing about pursuing a career in the sales department is that there is never lack for opportunities. No matter how bad the economy is, there are always people needed to fill in the sales department. But that does not make it any easy to land a job in the sales department. Of course you have to be very good at the art of selling, but you also need a sales resume that highlights the best in you.

Difference between a Normal Resume and a Sales Resume

Resumes are all about selling yourself, but somehow there are a few differences between a normal resume and a sales resume. When it comes to creating a sales resume, you need to be out loud about all your achievements. This means that you have the liberty to speak all highly of yourself. The point here is to be your own publicist because the recruiter may feel if you have nothing to praise about yourself, you probably do not have the confidence required to get into sales. So, go ahead and blow your own trumpet.

There are certain must-haves that complete a sales resume. If the thought of ‘how-to make a resume’ has been troubling you for a while, here are some tips that will help you in getting that dream job with a good sales resume.

  • Highlight your Achievements

Given the number of sales resumes that employers go through every day, your resume just has a few minutes before it gets dumped into the ‘you are not what we are looking for’ category. To make sure that the recruiter finds it difficult to take his/her eyes off your resume, you will have to make your achievements stand out. Your employer may not be interested knowing what you are planning to give to the company once you get hired but what exactly have you given to your company in the past. So tell him/her about all that you have achieved and you stand a high chance of making it through.

  • Follow a Neat Approach

The way you present your sales resume also has a lot to do with you getting your dream job. Be systematic with the presentation. See to it that you do not add stuff that is not going to interest the recruiter, instead you can straight-away hit with points that the employer is looking for, as this will save his/her time.

  • Where are the Numbers?

Another thing that the recruiter will not be able to avoid is numbers. Of course there needs to be quality, but quantity too should not be ignored. So quantify all your achievements and make your resume stand out from others.

  • Remember Whom are you Trying to Impress

Before you just hand out your sales resume, make sure that you know whom you are dealing with. If it’s a small company, add stuff that they might be looking for. When it comes to bigger organizations, tell them how effortlessly you managed a big sales team in the past. This will help you get hired.

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