Yahoo Assures its Users about their Privacy

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November 20, 2013 — 1,562 views  
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The past six months have been a little rough for tech companies providing online services. Ever since the reports of National Security Agency monitoring the traffic as well as the data related to the users of these sites was out, many started doubting their privacy being safe. There were reports of NSA monitoring the data on private international fiber links which connected to data centers of Yahoo as well as Google.

Google instantly came up with steps to ensure that the internal server traffic is encrypted and any monitoring by third party is blocked. To make sure that its users feel secure while using its service, Yahoo too recently announced that it will shortly be encrypting all the information which travels around the data centers. It is planning on doing this by the beginning of next year.

Apart from encrypting the traffic traveling through its data centers, it is also considering the idea of switching to the application of SSL encryption all across its websites. This change too will be brought up around the same time frame.

Marissa Meyer Connects with Yahoo Users

CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Meyer, was not very happy with the news that spoke about Yahoo being one of the favorite data sources of the NSA. She clarified her thoughts on the report by talking to the users through her Yahoo blog. She said in her blog that over the years, the company has worked very hard to gain the trust of its users and will always do its best to make sure that this trust is preserved.

Further getting to the point, she said that the recent reports in the last few months about secret accessing of user data by U.S government from tech companies including Yahoo, took her by surprise. She said that sticking to what she had stated earlier, she would once again like to clarify that Yahoo has never been involved in giving access of its data centers either to NSA or any other government organization.

Meyer Emphasizes on Significance of Privacy

The CEO concluded by saying that nothing is more important for the company other than the protection and privacy of its users. To ensure this, the company has secured its data protection by introducing https encryption of 2048-bit key and will protect all the information across the network. The company is planning to introduce it by early January next year. Apart from this, the company will continue evaluating different ways in which it can protect the data shared by its users as well as their privacy.

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