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November 13, 2013 — 1,572 views  
Become a Bronze Member for monthly eNewsletter, articles, and white papers. recently announced that it has managed to raise a huge sum of $1 million through seed funding. This start-up company is involved in creating content on the internet and aims to connect advertisers with the existing audience, as well as content. A considerable part of this funding has come from Floodgate and LiveOak Venture Partners among others.

Defying the Traditional Rules of Content Marketing

Josh Kerr, who is the CEO as well as co-founder of, said that the company has come out with a completely new approach in the field of content marketing. It does not follow the rules that most of the content writing companies follow. In fact, its methodology is quite opposite to that of most of the other content writing and marketing companies.

He further explained that most of the companies involved in this business would describe content marketing as coming up with blog posts, articles, and other content that does not advertise the business directly. Once the content is ready, it is posted on various social media platforms or the official website of the company for which the content is created. This means first the content is created, and then the focus is shifted on getting the target audience to engage with it. Comes out With a Different Approach

Kerr mentioned that the approach followed by his company is quite different from the traditional meaning of content marketing. gives the freedom to advertisers and marketers to get the content that is already a hit with the target audience. It means that the organization works with advertisers to firstly identify the target audience and then scans the content on the internet to come across such material which is already reaching the target audience as well as being liked by them. also offers different content licensees to advertisers which help them in reaching their audience, either by the means of re-branding their existing pages, or by placing the content on the advertiser’s official website. From there the audience is then redirected. It also allows advertisers to re-publish the content on their blog pages.

Kerr feels that presently writers are not getting the kind of attention and remuneration they deserve. With this new approach of he aims at creating a world where bloggers and writers are given the same respect as doctors or lawyers.

Kerr also has some plans for the future and hopes to come out with an automated model which would allow bloggers to simply sign up for websites on their own to give out their content. 

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