Brands Await Facebook’s Auto-play

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November 8, 2013 — 1,667 views  
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About a fifth of the world’s population uses Facebook. The social networking site is one of the biggest enterprises in the world today. Now, sources say that a major change in the interface is evident. It is rumored that the company has been testing auto-play video through the network’s news feed. Even if the test group is just one percent of the population that uses Facebook, the company has a trial group of a whopping 12 million people.

The auto-play video of Facebook has been delayed many times, and now sources state that the organization has been using its news feed to test various new features and fine-tune them based on the response of unknowing users worldwide. The auto-play video is much awaited because of the impact it will have on advertising. The versatile network allows advertisers to reach out to vast audiences at minimal costs.

Facebook Auto-Play Video

Advertising to Take a new Stance Through Auto-play Video

The reach and awareness generation that is done through the Internet cannot be compared with other streams of marketing. Now that video options are evident, the entire game is changed. Videos are more engaging than still ads, and will have a huge impact on a large number of target consumers who use the software. The networking site has not made any comment regarding the delay of the program.

However, executives are currently debating whether the auto-play option should be limited to mobile usage or desktops as well. Sources say that the delivery date is likely to be sometime early in the coming year. Changing the advertising medium creates massive opportunities for organizations. In fact, many companies have been disappointed by the delay because they had planned for advertisements for key product releases to be put up on this platform this fall.

Availability of Embedded Video Ads and Expected Release of Auto-play

Facebook already provides ads that have embedded videos, but nothing like what the auto-play video is expected to provide. Even Instagram is about to see paid posts, some of which are going to be videos. The company is likely to take their time with its development of the news feed video so that it can work on the many intricacies and fine-tuning that the program will have to go through.

They can afford the wait considering the $2 billion revenue that the firm saw in the previous quarter. Critics say that Facebook has already reached a saturation point beyond which users will not appreciate the advertising. Companies continue to wait on.

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