How Will Google's 'Hummingbird' Update Impact Your SEO?

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October 17, 2013 — 1,994 views  
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Technology giants, Google, celebrated their 15th Anniversary on the 27th of September. On this day, the company launched a new algorithm in their Search Engine called the 'Hummingbird' Update. This update is said to revolutionize search engine optimization as it focuses on the ability of the search engine to understand the semantics behind word combinations instead of just keywords. Now, if a person were to ask a question in the Google search engine, based on the question, Google, will give an answer that is most suited to the question.

Google Hummingbird Update

Keyword Optimization Takes a Back Seat

One of the biggest changes in the update is that it no longer depends upon keywords to give the best result during a search. Another reason why the dependence of keywords has diminished is because Google has recently encrypted all the keyword search data. This means that digital marketers will no longer be able to access user-specific search query data, which is a classic SEO metric used by many companies and promoters alike. What Google is doing now, is being highly transparent about the way they are helping digital marketers find how to optimize for the audiences without the use of keywords.

Great SEO is Great Marketing

SEO is a tool which has been used by online promoters and techies around the globe. The way that SEO marketing works is in comparison to that of a librarian. SEOs are made to categorize, tag, organize, and optimize the websites for the search engine to understand the meaning and context of the content that is put up on the website. The more recent Algorithms used in the search engine have made the SEO tool an obsolete process. This is because the technological breakthroughs that are taking place in the industry are able to understand the context, quality, and meaning without it being categorized and tagged.

Focusing on the Longtail Keyword Search

For those who are not aware, the Longtail Kewords are those words and queries which are much longer than regular search queries and caters to a specific need. Many digital marketers have used this as means to boost their online sales and reach their marketing targets as well. As these search queries are highly specific, it makes the traffic segment more lucrative in the search. Customers that are looking for specific answers will be able to get them without having to go through a long list of results in the search page.

For an in-depth look at the Google Hummingbird update, check out our free white paper, "Everything You Need to Know About Google Hummingbird." 

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