Google Opens New Analytics Academy

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October 9, 2013 — 1,530 views  
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Google’s new analytics academy is now open to anyone that is interested. Google analytics is mainly directed at professionals who would like to learn more about, or earn a certification in, optimizing social media and online content for organizations. It does this by tracking and understanding the common search queries of individuals, and the corresponding search results.

Sometimes search queries may or may not exactly relate to what the individual is searching for. Google analytics helps you get a clear reading by providing you with statistical data pertaining to the number of views on your website for different keywords and phrases searched by individual users on the Internet. This will give you a clear idea on how to improvise your website to adhere to the needs of frequent visitors on your website.

A Brief Overview of the Course Material

The analytics academy now opened by Google is a self-paid endeavor that consists of a number of videos and text lessons that help you familiarize yourself with Google analytics. Apart from just videos and texts, you are also provided with a substantial amount of practice material. The material is then assessed by the academy.

For those who are already familiar with digital analytics, or specifically Google analytics, the course generally takes about five hours to complete. A certificate is provided to you if you complete all the lessons and activities, and also get a minimum of 80% in your final review or assessment.

Social Activity and Help Online

Through the academy, you will gain access to connect with a global community of people who are also planning on joining the course along with experts. This will make it possible for you to share some material online and ask people how to get through with certain difficult processes. You can comment, share and get constructive feedback on this platform that has a large number of like-minded people.

If you find, at any point, that the course is becoming overwhelming, you can appeal to this community and get assistance to get through the material. Do not forget to go through the FAQs about the Google Analytics Academy. It is possible that many basic questions will be answered here. This certified course may help you move up the corporate ladder because of the focused training provided specific to digital marketing strategy.

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