Avail of Linked Offers on Bing

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October 9, 2013 — 1,587 views  
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Bing has recently started developing a system where it can give out linked offers on its platform. Sometimes digital couponing does not get very good reviews because coupons must be used to avail of discounts. Although this seems to be the simplest method of giving out discounts, the search engine site is working on a program that will make the process more consumer-friendly.

Their Card-Linked Offers program is currently being designed in Seattle. This program will make sure that users' credit and debit card numbers will be saved on registration, and whenever an individual swipes while shopping, applicable discounts will automatically be taken into account.

This makes it far more convenient when compared to having to bring a physical coupon with you to a store and using it to make payments. This also makes online transactions easier by making discounts available even for purchases made on the Internet.

Incentives to Online Advertisers

By offering card linked services, Bing is effectively giving online marketers the incentive to advertise on their platform. The benefits that advertisers get in return are many. Firstly, offering discounts online gives a manufacturer a larger target group. Awareness is easily spread through the Internet, and advertising becomes easier and cheaper.

Also, certain barriers are removed. Consumers will no longer have to worry about the distance or the inconvenience of having to visit a store to avail of a certain discount gained through couponing. Another benefit to marketers is that the number of coupons or the discount amounts can be controlled when there is a simple and centralized system where transactions online are recorded. This can help prevent people from gaining a large number of discounts and trying to benefit from all of them together.

Avoiding Confusion During Transactions

When credit or debit cards are used to make transactions, simple programming can check whether available discounts are applicable to the card holder. Often, there is confusion between both the card holder and the store, whether a certain discount is valid or not. There is also the confusion of whether discounts can be clubbed together or not.

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