Why Every Marketing Professional Should be LinkedIn

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October 8, 2013 — 1,383 views  
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LinkedIn is a social media site with focus on professional development. This professional network can help you connect with faculty, friends, family, classmates, colleagues, companies, and professionals. It helps you advance your career by connecting to companies that attract you and your potential employers. These connections help you find new opportunities.   

How LinkedIn can Help Marketing Professionals

LinkedIn can prove to be an extremely useful networking tool. LinkedIn for marketing professionals can be a great strategy for them to build alliances, leverage marketing opportunities, and create new markets. In addition, you get referrals from your past clients and contacts as they post recommendations on your business. You not only remain in touch but also updated on the latest trends in your business, which eventually helps you grow and improve your career.  

LinkedIn connects you to the other professionals or businesses in your field, so you can shoot your queries to them. As the businesses have been through the same issues faced by you, they may be able to address your queries insightfully. In addition, you can answer the queries of the others and thereby raise awareness of your brand. The net impact of this communication is that you increase your contact base and clientele. In other words, you have already created opportunities for direct marketing.  

Getting Connected on LinkedIn

Anyone with a professional background of some years in business knows how important it is to use social media strategies to leverage contacts and opportunities. The professionals can find opportunities to build and enhance their brand. They can find important links and contacts to their mutual advantage.

You have the option to build not only your profile, but you can also browse through the profiles of others and connect with them so as to pursue your career passion. When you build professional relationships the number of opportunities will grow incredibly more than you could have done offline.

The world we live in currently is a marketing driven world, whether you are an employee or run a medium to small business, you need to constantly project your products and processes and let the world know about them to improve your brand value. As you enhance your brand value, you attract friends and clients to eventually convert them into your loyal base.

Don’t Forget to Stay Linked

There are a number of benefits of being linked via this site, provided you know the skill of constantly updating and connecting on this social media site. LinkedIn is not the site where you build your profile and forget the rest. This approach will make you perpetually lost in the ocean of activities taking place every moment. So, once you build your profile, you need to continually add “connections”. Your connections are your old friends from school or past professions.

To take advantage of your LinkedIn presence, you would do well to join groups. There several possible professional groups which might interest you. The group is actually a forum of like-minded professionals who raise important topics and discussions.

You may request your friends and past employers to make recommendations. There are several ways you can reach out to others and make an impact. You can share your knowledge, strike conversations and make interesting comments.

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