New Additions in the Features of Facebook Graph Search

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October 7, 2013 — 1,397 views  
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Facebook has always been coming up with various new features to make sure that its millions of users worldwide do not switch their loyalty. Some of its updates have caught the attention of its users while some others just get criticized. But that does not stop Facebook from making the popular social networking site, much more popular and better.

What is New about Graph Search?

Facebook had come up with a new option called Graph Search. This tool allows users of the site to easily search the photos and likes of their friends. It is a simple way to get to know what your friends are up to. The latest addition in the Graph Search is that now you can even find the posts and status updates of your friends. If your friend has decided to share the information with you, you can easily see it. Apart from posts, comments, and status updates, you will also be able to see their check-ins and photo captions.

Up until now, Graph Search allowed Facebook users to easily locate the likes of their friends, their relationship status, and workplace or college details of their friends, and so on. But to get other details, users would be required to scan the timeline of their friends. But with the latest improvements in Graph Search, they don’t need to do this anymore. All they need to do is put in their search request in Graph Search and they will instantly get the results.

Is Graph Search all that Beneficial?

This new facility is presently available to some U.S. Facebook users and makes it possible for them to easily find out the comments as well as posts made by their friends years ago. Josh Constine from TechCrunch, says that this feature may not be as good as it sounds. It opens up your whole Facebook history in front of your friends or even friends of friends, based on the privacy settings that you choose. Your bitter status updates, your college photos, your silly comments, can all be scanned by others.

Though this addition has been made to make it easy for users to stay connected with their friends, Facebook has also ensured that the privacy of the users does not get affected. To make sure that your privacy does not get invaded, it is better that you have a quick look at your Facebook history and check your privacy settings.

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