Google Web Designer Comes Up with Instant Animated 3-D HTML Ads

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October 3, 2013 — 1,601 views  
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There is good news for all the hard-core animators. Google recently released its latest tool that helps in building adaptive and easily usable rich ads. Google Web Designer is the new tool that will help you in building, editing, and publishing animated HTML5 ads. The news doesn’t end just there. These ads can be created in as less as five minutes. Are you already making your way towards your laptop? There is more to it. You can use Google Web Designer for any device, be it your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Sean Kranzberg, an engineer for Google, updated a post saying that the company thinks that this new tool will help in making HTML5 easily accessible to all the people in the industry. Google Web Designer will help the company in getting closer to its aim of ‘build once and run anywhere’.

What Makes Google Web Designer the Ultimate Designing Tool

If you are planning to try Google Web Designer, you can easily download the app for MAC and Windows. This app provides a complete platform for building your own ads. You also get access to many visual editing tools as well as a code view which can be accessed by technical users. Right now Google provides two options for this app. One option is that Google will allow you to build CSS and HTML5 which will drive your animated ad. The second option is that Google itself will build it for you. You can choose from any of the two options based on your needs. Google Web Designer is currently in beta.

This software provides you a quick animation mode which will allow you to simultaneously build two scenes. The software will then tween your images to generate a quick animation. Apart from this, you also get an in-depth approach with this one which allows you to animate individual elements and layers independently. With the use of the 3-D authorizing tools, you can rotate desired objects along the axis. It will also help you in adding dimensionality to your creation.

A One-Stop Shop

Google Web Designer is a one-stop shop as it allows you to create as well as publish ads. Another interesting thing is that while Google will make money if you use AdMob or DoubleClick to publish your ads, it has also added the option of using other ad networks for publishing.

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