Google Move to Encrypt All Keyword Searches

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September 26, 2013 — 1,557 views  
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For online and social media marketers around the world, the news that Google will move to encrypt all keyword searches will come as a shock. Many professionals who work closely with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will now have to look at another way to spread awareness about their businesses and products. This is an extension to one of the major changes that Google made two years ago, when it introduced secure search, which resulted in the steady rise in data. However, the big software company has decided that it will switch all the searches into encrypted ones using HTTPS. This means that there will be no more keyword data that will be passed on to the site owners.

Why is Google Doing This?

The reason that Google has decided to make the change to encrypted searches is so that it can provide 'extra protection' to its users. There is speculation from experts who say that Google may be making an attempt to block out any sort of NSA (National Security Agency) spying, as the company was accused of allowing the NSA to access search data. However, Google strongly denied the allegations.

What Does This Mean?

For those marketers who are unaware of what this change actually encompasses, here is what it is all about. The encrypted searches, which are made in Google, will not pass the keyword data through the websites that are using them to boost their SEO. This change will eliminate the possibility of being able to track users through their keyword searches. Site owners will be greatly impacted as they will not be able to segment the users with keywords in their own web analytic software.

What now for Marketers?

Many SEO professionals have gone back to the drawing board as a result of this new change made by Google. These professionals believe that this change is a positive one and that it can result in more opportunities in the future. The change will prompt online and social media marketers to generate high quality content with strong digital endorsements so that it can increase organic traffic. This move by Google will help businesses focus on achieving results instead of keywords, which is what they should be doing in the first place. There is nothing for marketers to worry about as this change will improve the amount of online content that is generated.

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