Facebook Rolls Out New Ads Option

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September 18, 2013 — 1,624 views  
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The big Social Networking company has released a new update in their system which is directed towards advertisers. They have improved their ad formats which will make advertisements on Facebook more consistent. The changes that are made generally focus on Page post link ads, page like ads, event ads and offer ads as these formats could not work in certain placements in Facebook.  The main highlights of the changes are that the ad images are much larger, it maintains the same aspect ratio across desktop and mobile news feed and it has consistent elements and formats across all the ad units.

Changes in the Format

The major changes that have been made to the ad formats are the size of the images that are being advertised and the aspect ratio of the ads. Facebook has made the size of the images much larger of their ad units, which gives the advertiser more space to show their own products and brands. Facebook also recommends that advertisers use images which are above 1,200 pixels in order for the image to show properly on different placements. Advertisers do not have to worry about their images getting distorted on the Facebook user's mobile and desktop news feed as the same aspect ratio will be used for both. There are also consistent formats and elements which run across all ad units. The changes include standardization of the text truncation rules, character counts, and clear instructions for the optimal image size. There are also precise details as how much extra content is being used in an ad and when.

What can be Expected from the New Facebook ad Update?

Facebook earns most of its revenue through advertisements by big and small companies who use the social media as means to promote their products, services and brand. Previously, advertisers would find it difficult to understand the instructions that Facebook had written on their site on how to put up an ad. With the new update that was made, the instructions are more detailed and user friendly so that it eliminates any doubts or queries that advertisers could face. This will help in boosting the number of advertisers as the instructions are now easy to read and are more specific. Another addition to Facebook is that the premium ads get a separate section on Facebook. For those businesses that are willing to spend more money on their social media marketing, they can make use of the premium ads as it will make their product, service or brand easily noticeable for any user. 

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