Twitter Announces Purchase of MoPub and Intentions to Sell Mobile Ads

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September 11, 2013 — 1,538 views  
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Kevin Weil, Vice President of Twitter Product for Revenue, posted on his blog that Twitter is planning to buy out MoPub. MoPub is an application that provides an interface for people to post advertisements. The technology involved allows app publishers a process of optimizing various different mechanisms of advertising.

Some of the means of advertising used through mobile interfaces today include direct ads, advertisements for houses, network ads, and advertisements for real time bidding of certain products. Twitter has always been backed with the goal to present relevant information or marketing to its users. This acquisition of MoPub goes to show another method in which the company wishes to provide the same thing to its users.

Advertising Taking a New Turn

Advertisements for certain products may help individual users so there will be more reasons to use Twitter. Ads spotted by one person may be able to be shared and also can be circulated to interested people. This way, advertising will reach the target group that it is going out to. The real time bidding is especially interesting because of the fact that through mobile phones and the MoPub tool, people will be able to make their bids on the spot with ease and also automate their purchase values.

Previous Acquisition of Trendrr

Twitter will use information that is relevant to the user and ensure that only advertisements for products or services that the user seems to be interested in will come as pop-up ads or other kinds of ads. This is quite a bold move on the part of Twitter, especially because the company recently acquired Trendrr, a firm that keeps a track of the real time data that is popular to social media and networking sites relating to television. Both acquisitions are not even a fortnight apart, and Twitter is on its way to be among the top sites in terms of traffic in the world.

Rapid Growth of Twitter

Google and Facebook are currently the top two at the moment, however, Twitter is definitely closing in with its rapid growth. The most significant part of this venture is that advertisers will now begin to rethink their marketing strategies and the budgets that they keep aside for their advertising schemes. Twitter has a large number of users and provides an efficient platform for marketing in different forms. Now with the help of these acquisitions, the process becomes all the more simplified.

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