How Facebook's 'Story Bump' Works

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September 4, 2013 — 1,581 views  
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There are over 1 billion active Facebook users on the planet as of now but what most of them do not understand is the functioning of Facebook's news feed. On average, a person views up to 1,500 posts per day, but this does not mean that the person will get to view a post that is actually liked or shared more. For example, if a person looks at 40 different posts on the news feed and the 41st post is still getting a lot of likes, the next time the person logs in to Facebook, the 41st post will come up first, even if it is hours or days later. This is what Facebook's Story Bump is all about. It helps push trending posts up the news feed so that it becomes easier for the user to see more interesting posts. So how exactly does this work?

Facebook Understands the User's Interests

There are many posts that your friends will be posting on Facebook which makes it harder for the user to see all of them. Some of the posts will be interesting to you, while the others will be of no use. In order to get the more relevant posts seen by the user, Facebook has included a few more additions to their algorithm.

This includes the frequency in which the user interacts with a friend, public figure or page that has made a posting, the number of likes, comments and shares that a post gets from across the globe and from the user's friends on the friend list and how much the user has interacted with a similar type of post in the past. All of these put together helps Facebook understand the user's interests and this makes it easier for the algorithm to sort out the posts that are relevant to the user from the ones that are not.

The More the Post Gets Engaged, the More Likely It Will Get Bumped Up

One of the ways in which story bumps works is that the more the user's post gets engaged through likes, shares and comments, the more it will be pushed up in the news feed. In order for a post to have a longer time in the top half of the news feed is to ensure that there it is engaged on a regular basis. This is why many businesses want their posts to be liked, shared or commented on as it will help the post stay in the news feed for a longer period of time.

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