Checklist for a Successful Lead Nurturing Program

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September 2, 2013 — 1,411 views  
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Does the program help B2B buyers how to buy?

It is important to understand that lead nurturing is not about hard selling. It is about persuading B2B buyers to make a purchase. It is also about influencing them in making a buying decision.

Are efforts enough to build intimacy and trust?

Most buyers do not respond to emails and calls simply because these methods are unsolicited and indirect. Blog posts or whitepapers may not be enough to capture their trust. With this, it is important that marketers develop events that will engage B2B buyers in a more intimate way. Doing so allows them to feel they are well taken care of.

Is the content delivered valuable to all stages of the buying cycle?

Marketers should be able to come up with content that is persuasive. They should also establish a good technique for creating it. The content should help buyers as they go through the different phases.

Is the content delivered through the buyer’s preferred channel?

Marketers should be careful about mismatching their method of delivery with the buyer’s preferred channel. One big example of this mismatch is tech buyers who say webinars are their 8th choice for information while tech vendors say webinars are their second more popular tactic used. 

What is the system used?

According to a recent survey, top performing marketers utilize lead nurturing programs while the 10 percent of the worst performers said they do not have it. It is also essential to know what system works best. Marketers have to track their visitors and find out how they come across the company.

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