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October 9, 2013 – 1,637 views
Association of Strategic Marketing
Bing has recently started developing a system where it can give out linked offers on its platform. Sometimes digital couponing does not get very good reviews because coupons must be used to avail of discounts. Although this seems to be the simplest method of giving out discounts, the search engine site is working on a program that will make the process more consumer-friendly... Full Story 
October 8, 2013 – 1,410 views
Association of Strategic Marketing
LinkedIn is a social media site with focus on professional development. This professional network can help you connect with faculty, friends, family, classmates, colleagues, companies, and professionals. It helps you advance your career by connecting to companies that attract you and your potential employers. These connections help you find new opportunities... Full Story 
October 7, 2013 – 1,424 views
Association of Strategic Marketing
Facebook has always been coming up with various new features to make sure that its millions of users worldwide do not switch their loyalty. Some of its updates have caught the attention of its users while some others just get criticized. But that does not stop Facebook from... Full Story 
October 3, 2013 – 1,649 views
Association of Strategic Marketing
There is good news for all the hard-core animators. Google recently released its latest tool that helps in building adaptive and easily usable rich ads. Google Web Designer is the new tool that will help you in building, editing, and publishing animated HTML5 ads. The news doesn’t end just there. These ads can be created in as less as five minutes. Are you already making your way towards your laptop? There is more to... Full Story 
September 26, 2013 – 1,587 views
Association of Strategic Marketing
For online and social media marketers around the world, the news that Google will move to encrypt all keyword searches will come as a shock. Many professionals who work closely with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will now have to look at another way to spread awareness about their businesses and products. This is an extension to one of the major... Full Story 
September 23, 2013 – 1,536 views
Michele Pariza - Creative Concepts
As I'm sure you're intimately aware (probably more aware than you'd like to be) things go wrong in businesses. Lots of things. Lots of times. What you may NOT know is that, if you have experienced something going wrong in your biz, it may very well mean there is a monster lurking about -- haunting your biz, sabotaging your success, and just plain wreaking havoc. Read on to learn more... Full Story 
September 20, 2013 – 1,670 views
Association of Strategic Marketing
Though smartphone usage was gradually increasing prior to the launch of Apple's iPhone in 2007, the adoption rate of these devices has accelerated in exponential ways during the past half-decade. Whereas the device was once reserved for a small subset of the population, generally limited to serious business owners and other professionals who needed on-the-go email services, today the smartphone is used by people in virtually all professions, at all experience levels, for any number of diverse reasons. Proliferation of these devices has become the thing of headlines: As of 2013, 40 percent of all people under the age of 55 own a smartphone. That number jumps to a staggering 75 percent of the population when the age group is limited to those under 35 years of age. Even older individuals, those over 55, stand a one in four chance of owning a smartphone device of some sort. Full Story 
September 18, 2013 – 1,669 views
Association of Strategic Marketing
The big Social Networking company has released a new update in their system which is directed towards advertisers. They have improved their ad formats which will make advertisements on Facebook more consistent. The changes that are made generally focus on Page post link ads, page like ads, event ads and offer ads as these formats could not work in certain placements in... Full Story