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Here’s what a PromoAid client from Reckitt Benckiser had to say about PromoAid:

“The custom search capabilities that PromoAid provides has made planning for upcoming programs extremely easy and efficient. All that was needed was an idea, and the search engine did the rest by providing options for programs, along with the corresponding details, that met our strategic plans. The service has more than met our expectations.”


PromoAid saves marketers and agencies time and money with its one-of-a kind marketing data platform. It offers the most efficient way to research and select marketing programs used to execute strategic marketing plans.

The PromoAid database of 1,800+ marketing services vendors enables detailed matching, evaluation and comparison for programs that meet their clients' specific needs. They track programs in 27 marketing categories including Social Networking, Retailer Marketing, Mom Marketing, Buzz Marketing, Sports Marketing, etc, targeting audiences from moms to kids, college to tweens, ethnics to seniors.

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Mini Case Study
When a national feminine hygiene brand wanted to communicate directly with 12-17 year old Hispanic females and their mothers with a “myth vs. fact” message, they turned to PromoAid’s Custom Search service to find the best vendors to execute their plan. The Custom Search Report included four categories of programs to deliver based on the specific needs of the client.

The first category addressed a specific request for programs for bilingual communication within OB/GYN and Pediatrician offices. A second category offered the opportunity for direct, 1-to-1 communication with the target audience via a variety of sampling and literature methods. The third offered options for location-based media programs in places such as school gyms, locker rooms and health clubs. The last category covered social media programs.

Based on the results of the custom search, the client engaged with select vendors in each category. This custom search saved the client hours of internal research time and introduced new categories of programs for consideration (like social media) and enabling them to gain specific information from suppliers anonymously.

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