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How To Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees WITHOUT Switching Processors

OnDemand Webinar (70 minutes)

If your company processes over $50,000 in credit card volume per month, this webinar will explain certain strategies that will help reduce the processing fees you are charged. This webinar will provide instruction on how a company can reduce their credit card processing fees without switching processors. By being proactive, a company can stay in front of the changes that can negatively impact its processing fees. The credit card processing industry is extremely complicated and confusing, this webinar will explain some of the strategies a company can take to contain its processing fees.


Jeremy Layton, Verisave


Brief Explanation of the Credit Card Processing Industry

Why Your Processing Fees Are so High?

PCI Compliance

Why Is Your Merchant Statement so Confusing?

Who Benefits From the Credit Card Processing Fees You Pay?

B2B vs. B2C Credit Card Transactions

What Amount of Profit Is Acceptable for a Processor to Make

The Problem With Many Credit Card Processors Today

How to Lower Your Visa/MC/Discover Fees

How to Lower Your American Express Fees