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How to Recognize and Help Employees Coping With Stress in the Workplace

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Learn positive coping strategies to combat workplace stress for both you and your employees.It is estimated that stress cost American businesses, OVER three hundred billion dollars annually. That translates to $7,200.00 per employee in the United States. It is shown in poor productivity, conflict, mistakes, absenteeism, tardiness, and increased medical costs. What is mismanaged stress costing you and your company? Let's be real. As a leader of others - how you handle your stress models how your people can handle theirs. You are either part of the solution to stress within your organization - or you are part of the problem. This topic helps you; the person responsible for building the value of your staff and their activities to increase your organization's bottom line. CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, supervisors, team leaders, business owners and human resource managers can learn to handle their stress and how to have energy at the end of the day. This material offers critical information and techniques to help you stop the flow of stress related conflicts, frustrations, anger, loss of productivity of yourself, your teams and your department leaders. Don't wait for the stress to cost your organization more money. The key to understanding stress is realizing stress in a personal perception. How we perceive events, people and situations determines the techniques we use. This topic will build on the positive you already use and present other options which can reduce and handle what's stressful in your life and organization. Be the example of productivity you need your people to be.


Donna Baylor, TRANSITION Seminars, Inc.


Test Your Knowledge on ‘Stress'

• Eustress vs. Distress

• "What Came 1st - the Thought or the Feeling?"

• Coping vs. Controlling

• The Body in Distress

W O R K Is a 4-Letter Word

• 7- Areas of Stress

• 4 - Common Causes of Workplace Stress

• Negativity - the Most Seductive of All Emotions

The Speed of the Leader Is the Speed of the T E A M

• John Maxwell/Hyatt Hotels/Yahoo® ‘Lovecats'

• Time Management - "There's No Such Thing!"

• Communicating - "Speak so Others Will Listen/Listen so Others Will Speak" ©

- Learn to Listen

- It's Not About You

- Communicate With Style

- Delegating for Success

• Appreciate, Praise and Publicize

• The Body on Humor

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