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How to Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees and Fund Your Cyber Security Program

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

It's not just your cardholders' environment at risk, nor the fines and the fees from your processor if breached or deemed non-compliant. What about the rest of your network and business? With the risks of an attack threatening every company and the rising costs to keep a company safe, Verisave and Secuvant have teamed up to present a way that a company can fund their Cyber Security program by reducing its credit card processing fees.


Greg Johnson, PCIP, Secuvant Jeremy Layton, Verisave


Brief History of the Credit Card Industry

Explanation of 'Who' Receives the Credit Card Processing Fees You Pay

Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Examples of Savings

Compliance is Great. Security is Better

PCI Compliance and Security Best Practices Are Hard To Do Even With an Army of IT Staff

• Log Monitoring

• Threat Detection

• Internal and External Scanning

• Policy Development

Data Breach ' A Real Story