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Fine Tuning Your Performance Management Process: How To Motivate Your Employees

OnDemand Webinar (82 minutes)

Gain inspiration on how to fine tune your performance management process and keep your best employees motivated and engaged.Many companies are continuing to refine their performance evaluation processes to ensure that high performers are rewarded and retained. This topic will focus on how to train managers of your company in the identification of key accountabilities (i.e. job tasks) and competencies (i.e., behaviors) for positions they supervise. We will provide examples of how other companies have identified quantifiable goals for common positions in your industry. In addition, we will provide information on how to properly utilize a performance evaluation form, how to keep the form simple, and to recognize and avoid common rating errors. Our goal is to provide information to make the evaluation process more effective, easier to administer, and provide examples of how your company can link the performance review to salary increases and/or incentive payouts.


Michael Blanchard, Blanchard Consulting Group


Key Principles of Performance Management Systems

• Link to Organizational and Division Goals

• Employee Perception and Feedback

• Motivation and Link to Compensation

Developing Accountabilities and Competencies for the Performance Evaluation

• Link to Job Description

• Focus on Key Performance Indicators

• Linking Behaviors to Culture

• Weighting of Accountabilities and Competencies

Rating Employees

• Setting Standards

• Rating Scales

• How to Avoid Rating Errors

Linking the Evaluation to Compensation

• Salary Increases

• Annual Bonuses

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