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Team Building Necessities to Sky-Rocket Productivity

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn what motivates team members and what infuriates them. Understanding these important points can make or break your team's productivity.Teams are the way organizations get their work done and bring innovation and creativity to their industry. Be prepared to learn how compensation is not necessarily the driving force behind high performing team members. By spending time and money on building capacity on a team through training, coaching and mentoring, organizations save money in the long run and build highly effective teams. The largest barriers to team productivity are lack of effective communication, lack of trust and the lack of ability to collaborate. We will explore how to overcome these obstacles as we build teams that function efficiently and how to deal with underperforming and disruptive team members.


Bob Churilla, DeVry University


The Top 3 Factors That Motivate Teams

The Surprising Factor That Will Make You Rethink Compensation

• What Motivates

• Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards

• Job Characteristics

The Factors That Will Inspire You to Redirect Your Budget

• Training

• Coaching

• Mentoring

• Feedback

The Top 3 Factors That Infuriate Teams

Business Practices That Bring Productivity to a Standstill

• Lack of Effective Communication

• Lack of Trust

• Lack of Ability to Collaborate

The One Company Purge That You Can't Afford to Skip

The Blueprint to Build, Engage and Support a Successful Team

How the Motivators and Infuriators Impact the Generations

Laying the Foundation to Support Your Team

• Team Resources

• Building Team Capacity

• Empowering Your Team

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