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Favoritism in the Workplace: Risks and Legal Issues

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Understand the risks and legal issues of favoritism in the workplace.This topic highlights the risks and legal issues of favoritism in the workplace. It provides information on how to identify it, address it, and be proactive in mitigating it. Favoritism is an issue that is subtle and often times overlooked as an underlying cause of low productivity, employee engagement, high turnover, lack of innovation and many other road blocks to an organization's success. Taking steps to avoid the perception of favoritism will pay dividends on a daily basis, and you'll see results in morale and productivity, growth and overall success of an organization.


Irma Vargas, V1H Consulting


Identifying Workplace Favoritism and It's Dangers

  • Is It Favoritism?
  • Dangers of Workplace Favoritism

- a) Lost Productivity

- b) Resentment

- c) Decreased Employee Morale

- d) Business Impact

- e) Legal Ramifications

Legal Risks and Issues

  • Legal Risks

- a) Illegal Discrimination

- b) Sexual Harassment

- c) Retaliation

Prevention and Responsiveness

  • Prevention

- a) Focus on Employee Talents and Strengths

- b) Maintain Open Communication

- c) Practice Self-Awareness and Transparency

- d) Finding the Balance

  • Responsiveness

Is Favoritism Ever Legal?

  • Favoritism vs. Discrimination

Case Studies | Current Issues | Being Proactive | Final Takeaways

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